Wefare Cuts,Inequality


BROKEN BRITAIN UNDER TORIES –  MILLIONAIRES TRYING TO UNDERSTAND THE PUBLIC                                                                                                                  Thatcher ,Blair ,Cameron and Miliband do these individuals ever make you wonder why as Millionaires they bother to go into Politics to change the circumstances of a Nation ,is it because they care about the less well off and want us the poorer to enhance our lives .The majority of normal thinking people would answer a resounding NO .It is because they have everything that they want but need another buzz- POWER .They are bored with mundane life and dream up individual solutions to life’s ills and call it a Policy .Once in Power they put their Policies to work – they have unlimited money – OUR MONEY and if that runs out they borrow more if it goes wrong they look for  scapegoats .They all actually look down on the working class so why do we put up with parasites telling us what to do ?


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