Wefare Cuts,Inequality


Atos Victims Group News | Telling it how it is….


Democide is the murder of people by a Government ,including genocide ,politicide and mass murder ,of which Cameron is guilty .                                                                                                                                Democide can also include intentionally or knowingly have a reckless and depraved disregard for life ,this includes many deaths arising through various neglects and abuses ,such as mass starvation ,incarcerating people in camps where they may soon die of malnutrition ,unattended disease and forced labour ,or deporting into wasteland where they may die rapidly from exposure and disease .

The behaviour of ATOS and the Government are bordering on such a policy .

Cameron certainly fits the criteria for this in his daily bombing of Tripoli in Libya through his campaign of mass murder that targeted Hospitals ,Universities ,Television Stations and Civilian Areas

Has it ever occurred to you why Cameron and Osborne are so smug over the Benefit cuts ,the 20012 Riots were a testing ground for things to come ,the Police were deliberately held back and the aftermath was an exercise in dealing with the culprits .Cameron has introduced new Police Powers for the dispersal of crowds ,a wider power of curfew ,facebook , twitter and mobile messaging systems will be restricted .

Ministers will consider using the Army to take on  Policing duties .New water cannons are now on standby in the UK and rubber bullets and indelible ink are at the disposal of the authorities .Police Commissioners  are in place to ensure the Police carry out the Political will of the Government .


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