Wefare Cuts,Inequality


BROKEN BRITAIN UNDER TORIES – SAME MONOLOGUE DIFFERENT RHETORIC                                                        No surprise about Thatcher’s plans it was banded about in the eighties you would have to work for your benefits ,there would be charges to enter local parks ,libraries would close ,but unlike now the Tories had opposition from other parties as well as her own .Everything is cyclic there’s nothing new on the table its just taken 30 more years to convince ,by stealth and deceit that the only way forward by Governments is to make cuts ,not mend broken Britain .Creating jobs would redress the balance between the haves and have nots but that would unbalance the class system and give workers a bigger say in Government Policy through weight of numbers and the threat of the withdrawal of labour .It suits all present day Political Parties to get revenue through financial dealings than put their backs into creating something that could cause opposition to their authority same old rhetoric in a different format



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