Wefare Cuts,Inequality



Omitting the weather the heat has been steadily turned up on the less unsuspecting public by an immoral corrupt Government and their non -committed opponents .At present the temperature is moderate to what next year will bring .Politeness and arguments for and against Government policy have been lossed in a wave of sheer bloody mindedness on their part ,backed by an indifferent or gagged media .Cameron and his criminalised Chipping Norton Set ,headed by Charlie and Rebekah Brooks will be enjoying their Christmas oblivious to the despair and misery brought to bear upon the public by their lust and greed for power .Ian Duncan Smith the ex arms dealer will be going to Mass as usual to be absolved for his sins .Grayling will be relaxing ,not thinking of any future decisions because policy to an habitual liar comes naturally whatever the outcome .Blair will still be ageing prematurely due to his traitorous actions .E Milliband might be having a reflection period over how he may in future present himself as genuine after stabbing his brother in the back for the leadership of the Labour party .Ed Balls might wake up to the fact that after plotting to rob the pension fund with Brown and succeeding  he is responsible for  the misery inflicted on pensioners expecting a better life in retirement .Shelbrooke will be looking forward to his benefit card scheme’s second reading in January 2013 .Freud the Fraud will be fine tuning his scheme to rob benefit claimants of money through his management scheme designed to ‘help’ poor money managers .Lord Best led stout opposition to the Bedroom Tax but sadly to no avail .As for the rest of them they will no doubt absolve themselves of all blame ,because they were ‘following orders ‘.Being unbiased I must mention the Liberals ’mentioned’.I was always taught to treat people as they treated me ,that is a Universal Moral Law untouched by Corruption .Conform otherwise starve but show no respect to Government lap dogs they do not deserve it .Try and have a break over Christmas but let’s have some action plans for 2013 .TC KB Nigel



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