Wefare Cuts,Inequality



Successive Government overall policies are carried on from one Parliament to the next whomever is in Power .What have Governments been striving to curtail in the last 30 or more years with all party agreement ,the NHS ,population increase ,alcohol abuse ,smoking and workers wages . They have steadily tried to alter the UK’s culture by the introduction of different forms of control .Budgeting Hospitals and Doctors so rather than caring for the patients they are more caring about costs .They introduced the Poll Tax  (later Council Tax) new Licensing Laws ,the Smoking Ban ,the Minimum Wage ,the Liverpool Care Pathway ,Benefit sanctions .But what method used would sort all those areas at once – the Welfare Reform Bill .You may think things are bad in 2012 but wait until 2013 when everything is in place .It started with ATOS a total blanket assessment for all to start everyone at base level .The Benefit Sanctions stripping more rights away from the public .The curb on child credit should curb the increase in the population coupled with the Liverpool Care Pathway .Payment by Benefit Card which will block purchases on non essential items ,cigarettes and alcohol .The Bedroom Tax forcing people on low incomes to move home .Working people being forced to take overtime or another part time job or be sanctioned as well as losing out on Working Tax Credits .This is an agenda as a whole and pieces of the package will not be defeated the whole agenda needs to be addressed ,this whole process has spelt it out exactly how it is ,they have used and abused us to get where they are now we are of little use as workers because they know there is no work through their own making .Remember at the next Election their all as bad ,the country can run without any Majority we are better off letting it become an all party coalition – let them argue amongst themselves .


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