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The horrific shooting in Amercia of school children and teachers brings back unanswered questions of Dunblane here in the UK .Why was the findings of the subsequent inquiry sealed for 100 years .Thomas Hamilton a known paedophile with police connections was the supposed perpetrator of the slaughter of 15 children and 1 adult .At that particular time there was a Government backed plan to ban all legally held hand guns .Hamilton had several complaints against him for taking indecent pictures of young boys at youth clubs he was director of ,this coupled with his own subsequent death and a paedophile ring within Blair’s shadow cabinet throw many unanswered questions regarding the whole incident ,not helped by the inquiry being sealed for 100 years .Hamilton was found in the gymnasium of the school by an off duty police officer barley alive ,four weapons were on the floor ,Hamilton died shortly afterwards .At the coroners hearing it was established that Hamilton had been shot by a .38 revolver ,but none was found at the scene leading to the conclusion that he was shot by someone else .Was he killed by someone unknown to stop any questions being asked concerning Government involvement over the gun law issue and the paedophile ring connections .Whatever the reasons the fact remains that the truth is of public interest but the establishment can hide anything they want from the public’s gaze .


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