Wefare Cuts,Inequality


Don’t be disillusioned about Liam Bryne he’s a politician ,what makes him so different from the rest ,nothing he is in the job for his self interest in his own Political Ideology  .The public are pawns on the political field for the players to kick about ,their aim – to score points from each other ,to win their argument against their opponents – where do the public come in ,we are the ignorant electorate that will be swayed by any promise of a change to the prevailing circumstances .The Welfare Reforms are here and they are here to stay ,amendments may take place to placate the masses but at the end of the day the basis will be the same .Have a look at his interview he declares “welfare will be our ticket back to power ,as working people feel the kicking they’re going to get next year and as they see the way our country becomes divided, they’re going to recoil,” he says. “It will remind them of the things they rejected about the Tories in 1997 . Tories pick on vulnerable groups to kick the crap out of them “ .Read it for yourselves ( So what is the answer VOTE FOR NO ONE ,who likes the piss being taken out of them ,do you !



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