Wefare Cuts,Inequality


MORE OSBORNE RHETORIC « brokenbritianundertories.


The fabric of modern Politics is woven with deceit and lies culminating in a well presented product but with basic material flaws that will not be sustainable for any length of time .You could assume that the hierarchy of the Tory Party act more like criminals than they do well read individuals .If they are an example of educated wealthy morally sound individuals then the majority of the British Public do not want to follow in their footsteps .For the Welfare Reform Bill to become Law skulduggery took an integral part .The process of any bill to become Law has to go through a process of it being proposed and then through different reading stages ( .To hijack the process Cameron applied for the Bill to be considered for financial privilege ,placing a stooge within the Lords Grand Committee who sided with the Commons proposal and therefore overrode the Lords .He estimated that £5.5 billion would be saved over four years ,£54 billion could be raised if the tax rate for anyone earning over £1000,000 per year was increased to 50% .Cameron and his smug cohort Osborne the public purse thief ( are overgrown infants playing in a sweet shop to the detriment of the public through poverty ,premature death and social cleansing .The situation has gone beyond reasonable logic being applied and the Tories should be thrown out ,replaced by a coalition of independants ,Ukip ,Liberals ,Labour and Tories but on an even footing .



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