Wefare Cuts,Inequality


UK Uncut.


On the eve of the Autumn budget what happens – Kate Middleton is admitted to hospital with morning sickness ,Stuart Hall well know ex TV presenter arrested for alleged sexual offences concerning under age children ,it’s almost as if Joseph Goebels has risen from the grave to orchestrate these coincidental occurrences .Cameron the Tory Fascist leader with a Liberal front must know he’s been rumbled but carries on regardless .This must be an Old Etonian trait as Boris Johnson used the same ruse when running for The Oxford Union Presidency under the guise of being a supporter of the social Democratic Party .What actually came out of the Autumn Budget – no rise in fuel duty and old age pensioners and carers fared better than the unemployed/employed .So what do we glean from Osborne’s words of wisdom ,the last fuel fiasco nearly brought the Blair Government down ,pensioners are living longer and are still viable voter material ,if carers gave up their positions the influx of patients taken into care would cost the Government billions .That leaves the unemployed/employed ,both are basically in the same Political boat as non Tory voters,no prospect of jobs for the unemployed benefit frozen ,benefit cuts for the employed ,but with new sanctions in place they have no other alternative but to stay in dead end jobs with the prospect of being penalised for not seeking overtime or another additional job thanks to Vince Cable the man who made it easier for workers to be sacked .Fascism rolls on in the disguise of the Welfare of the Country’s Finances .



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