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UK Uncut.

 LORD FREUD THE DISILUSIONIST                                                                                                                                       Freud’s latest plan along with the DWP is to open to tender a contract to anyone with a programme for a budgeting plan for people in receipt of Universal Credit (Oct 2013)and paid on a monthly basis .There will be £145 million available for the contract ,which is expected to involve amongst other con tricks a method of ring fencing your benefit for bills ,meaning you will not be in control of your own benefit and after a trial period have to pay for the privilege of being signed up to this method of protecting utility companies whist you go without food .Freud is apparently unpaid in the work he does for the DWP ,he says it’s because he is bored since he retired – he’s an ex banker ,he’s probably missing the buzz they get from ripping the public off ,his great grandfather was the basis of modern psychology ,and what is psychology – finding peoples vulnerabilities and exploiting them ,where are his ancestors from Germany – I rest my case –


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