Wefare Cuts,Inequality


(17) Broken Britain.

THE LIVERPOOL CARE PATHWAY                                                                                                         An Independent inquiry has been instigated because of the neglect to tell families of dying relatives that loved ones have been denied nutrition and fluids and put on the Liverpool Care Pathway without their consent .Some 130,000 patients are being dealt with yearly by the LCP ,complaints are mounting about patients relatives taking them off the Pathway and them recovering .The Pathway denies patients life sustaining fluids and nutrition but administers heavy sedative drugs such as morphine and others similar .The inquiry will look into whether the whole concept of this treatment has led to bed decisions and practices .The LCP has been running for four years and only recently came to the attention of the public through the media because of relatives complaints ,similar to other draconian measures taken by this abhorrent Tory Government .



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