Wefare Cuts,Inequality



THE IMMORAL FORCE BEHIND BROKEN BRITAIN 2012                                                                                                            Lord Freud should seek help from his great grandfather and take Smith and Grayling along with him. His title means very little these days as most titles were sold during Blair’s attempt to administer a corrupt and media driven Government and the smear has never left the respectability of titles ,so the one that was  bestowed upon him in 2009 is of no importance .His position of adviser to the Welfare system stems from his sharp business practices and should carry no credible weight in a Fair Society .The fact that it does only supports the belief in self-interest ,greed and power which is part of the Tory Government’s makeup .He has worked in the media ,banking and meddled in the peace process between Palestine and Israel .He has been manipulated by the Tories to be their spokesperson in the House of Lords ,so lacking any moral fibre of his own he is no more than a ‘well heeled’ Tory stooge  .Apparently his position within the DWP is unpaid therefore we have a power seeking well heeled Tory stooge willing to sacrifice any shred of credibility he may have had to decimate the living standard of thousands of people less privileged than himself .What an example of Democracy in Broken Britain 2012 :


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