Wefare Cuts,Inequality



Approximately 30% of modern MP’s were from  working class backgrounds ,70% were privately educated .The modern concept for becoming an MP is for career reasons and nothing to do with representing the general public .E petitions were introduced in 2011 to engage the public with parliament after the expenses scandal ,and to give that interaction some credibility .When the scandal died down MP’s reapplied for the expanses ‘deemed non-essential’ and received them.

John Bercow the speaker of Parliament recently has blocked the disclosure of MP’s landlords details on the grounds of ‘security ’but what is he securing ,they rent to each other .Stephen Dorrell secretly sold his London flat to the owners of a care home trust ,then rented it back at public expense .

Cameron in 2011 stated that an epetition will be “discussed in Parliament and become law”.All epetitions are,is a data collecting method to inform the Government what the public are thinking and counter their concerns with rhetoric spewed out by the media .

( .An epetition has to gather 100,000 signatures ,then it has to go to an MP to champion that cause ,then through a committee before it even see’s Bercows waste paper basket ,how many MP’s have been outspoken on Welfare Reform Cuts ? The Government are proposing to higher the target to 150,000 signatures ( if anything in life benefitted the general public they would make it illegal .Expect no sympathy or empathy from ID Smith he is used to dealing in death ,he was an arms dealer ,did he think twice before selling arms to warring African fractions ,he has no conscience whatsoever of starving children whilst money went on arms deals ( I suggest as well as petitions everyone reach a general conciseness and bombard the media ,the Government are not going to back down on Welfare Reform ,even riots wouldn’t achieve that.



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