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Social Welfare Union – open letter

Your article above (Social Welfare Reform –  campaigners united) has me in total bemusement some months ago I contacted you in respect of the very same concern as the above ,I asked whether I could assist in anyway as my website is more on an unbiased political viewpoint of the same issues that were being ignored by Politicians .I noticed that Pat’s petition only had 9 days left with 54,000 signatures during which time I advertised it on my site and posted flyers around my locality ,but to no avail although the petition received another 10,000 in those last nine days .I re continued the petition but apparently there is also one similar .We are all supporting the same cause the draconian Welfare Benefit Cuts and believe in a United Front ,but not  receiving a courtesy reply from you I feel you maybe falling into the Government trap of Divide and Conquer


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