Wefare Cuts,Inequality

THE LiMA FARCEThe computer programme LiMA – Logical Intergrated Medical Assessment is commercially owned and used by Atos .It was introduced in 2005 by the Blair Government .Automated assessments were first used in the nineties under Thatcher’s Government andused on Incapacity Benefit Claimants .Either of the computer generated programmes could be operated by a chimp as no actual human factors are engaged .The system is inflexible and gives inappropriate stock phrases – options for alteration are blocked off by the system.Cab in 2006 raised concerns about the tests and alerted the Government Deptresponsible .Their main concern was that the person conducting the assessmentswere prone to pay more attention to the computer than the patient .That is a broad outline of the system used today ,Iwill not go into further detail as I do not want to incense the victims of this draconian measure taken against them .Conclusion – a) this method of testing was obviously passedby successive Governments b) this was a blanket test to maximise assessment failures c) this is not solely an economic measure because the pot is empty .Ican bring to mind two MP’s to the determent of their careers Tom Greatrix and Dame Anne Begg whom have championed on behalf of claimants whom have suffered the draconian injustice forced  upon them .The more the public are aware the better but that will only improve when it actually affects them .Please remember there are very very few Politicians that are where they are to represent you ,the gravy train is no place for compassion.www.brokenbritainundertories.comEdit



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