Wefare Cuts,Inequality



MP’s ON THE GRAVY TRAIN OUTSIDE THEIR WORK PLACE                                                               242 Mp’s have taken overseas trips paid for by host countries ,and upon their return have made speeches in Parliament regarding that particular countries interests .Pity they haven’t time for the draconian measures  forcibly thrust upon the UK public by the Tory Government .The highest-claiming MPs include the former Labour Foreign Secretary David Miliband who, since losing the Labour leadership to his brother, has gone on 14 foreign trips costing £47,600 and taking up 47 days – mainly to give speeches and attend conferences. The foreign trips taken by Mr Miliband, who declared in the aftermath of his leadership defeat that “South Shields comes first”, have helped him to earn £400,000 in addition to his MPs salary .After being stabbed in the back by his greedy brother eager to get on the UK gravy train ,David plumbed for the second option .Politicians whatever party are self self self ,please do not be disillusioned by any of them that they are elected for your benefit they will tow the line or be ostracised ,and once tasting a better life will tow the party line with only a few exceptions ,Tom Greatrex and Dame Anne Begg welfare champions that stand alone


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