Wefare Cuts,Inequality



22/11/12 It just goes to show how incompetent Blair was by not sending a representative to Slovenia to argue our case for the Common Agricultural Policy ,after giving the EU £7

 billion of the UK’s Tax payers money to save face .France ,Poland and Spain enjoy a share of the £25 billion from CAP .If his ego hadn’t got in the way we would have become one of the EU’s largest beneficiaries  paid for by  new member states .This behaviour highlights the neglect shown by senior Politicians with our money and the undeniable fact that they project their own personalities and ideals on the world stage as opposed to looking after the interests of the British Tax Payer ,to them it’s like a game in a rich man’s playground ,only their not playing with their own money .Cameron will have a private meeting today with Jose Barosow the EU President and Van Rompuy the chairman as will others throughout the day to prevent deadlock in tonight ‘s talks over dinner ,where’s the Democracy in that ,who knows if secret agreements  don’t go  on behind closed doors


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