Wefare Cuts,Inequality



22/11/12 ANOTHER LIE FROM CAMERON                                                                                                                          Cameron hits out at ‘bureaucratic rubbish’ holding back UK economy but is enforcing more upon the General Public . Cameron referring  to Churchill and war time stated ‘when this country was at war Whitehall underwent a revolution .Normal rules were circumvented .Convention was thrown out’             . Britain needs to clear out the “bureaucratic rubbish” obstructing enterprise because the nation is mired “in the economic equivalent of war”, David Cameron said on Monday. “Government can still be far too slow at getting stuff done,” he said. “Consultations, impact assessments, audits, reviews, stakeholder management, securing professional buy-in, complying with EU procurement rules, assessing sector feedback – this is not how we became one of the most powerful, prosperous nations on earth. It’s not how you get things done. So I am determined to change this.” Cameron believes that judicial review – the process that allows people to challenge a government decision in court – needs to be curbed because the number of judicial review applications has increased by almost 7,000% over the past three decades, from 160 in 1975 to 11,2000. He is particularly concerned about the impact on infrastructure projects. “We need to forget about crossing every ‘t’ and dotting every ‘i’ – and we need to throw everything we’ve got at winning in this global race.”

Of course that is what he says but his hidden agenda is to privatise the civil service ,ask yourself why have judicial review applications gone up – because of his and Blair’s autocratic way of running things




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