Wefare Cuts,Inequality


The Rothchilds are German Jews and are the biggest  European Banking family since the 1800’s.They financed Hitler in his quest to conquer Europe .They were elevated into the realm of English nobility at the request of Queen Victoria  ,both her parents were German as well as her husband  .Where is the Duke of Edinburgh’s mother  Princess Alice buried at The Mount of Olives Israel .   .Whom has Prince William recently married ,Kate Middleton ,Jewish .Who is the political shadowy mastermind of New Labour and a member of the Bilderbergers ,Lord Manleson ,Jewish  ,(yearly meetings concerned with World Economy) Who is Angela Merkel she served in the East German Government before reunification  ,she is the German chancellor of Germany ,and is pushing Cameron to increase the UK’s £6.4 billion a month contribution to the EU .Hitler tried to construct a unified Europe by violent force – and failed . Merkel’s influence within the EU is trying to construct the the same policy as Hilter but by means of econonmic strategy .Smith is ani-european  he tried to scupper Major’s pro Europen stance ,but is a Fascist and would prefer a UK dictatorship .Grayling an ex member of the Socialist Democratic Party like most of Camerons front benchers ,were for the UK’s removal from the Common Market (EU) because of the Human Rights Act .So why are we still in it – is Cameron afraid of his out of control Cabinet and just hangs onto power for powers sake .WE WANT A REFERENDUM NOW ON THE EU



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