Wefare Cuts,Inequality


Henchman Grayling is at his best again edging away at Democratic
opinions of the general public .Cameron has
stated that appeals against planning applications and other Public Policies will be halved ,fees
increased and less time will be given to appeal .This he states will help with
the deficit reduction as it did in wartime .This is particularly worrying for
rural England just when the Tories are pushing through their social housing
building programme after selling off G4 ,whom Ed Balls stated at Labour’s party
conference that if Labour won that’s what he would sell off and invest in
building when it had already happened .Cameron complains that judicial review
has become a “massive growth industry” and costing the public purse too much
money and delaying projects .It seems that the Prime minister having no
backbone has left Graying and Smith to show the Tory faithful that the party hierarchy
still have .Another erosive Tory policy of Democracy in the UK.…


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