Wefare Cuts,Inequality




GREAT BRITAIN more like Little Britain – Germany is now financially stronger than it’s ever been and is determined to continue in the same vein.Angela Merkel the German chancellor was president of the European Council and chaired the G8 conference in 2007.She played a key role in the Treaty of Lisbon and the Berlin Declaration,both designed for a “renewed common basis” within the EU.Merkel defied German public opinion and came out in favour of the US invasion of Iraq.She signed a transatlantic agreement with the US to align the EU with them on foreign and multinational institutional policy,in 2010 she was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Obama.Merkel wants the EU to have more power over member states finances.Who is this woman! A German that wants more power over more people in Europe – wake up Cameron does this ring a bell.Tell her where to go



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